It Was Bound To Happen

A post about cloth diapers.  Yes.

Well, more than that, but it started out there, while I drove to a stranger’s house to divest her of eight whiz-bam-mercedes-benz-of-all-cloth-diaper diapers.  They were a craigslist find, being that these particular cloth diapers cost $18 new (each, holy moly).  I was getting all eight, plus a ton of absorbent inserts for $40.  And this had me quite giddy.

This won’t make sense to you if you’re familiar primarily with disposable diapers.  Maybe you even complained about changing diapers, even with those paragons of ease!  Well, before I had these big thick rectangle ones.  You tuck the middles in and position under the baby and fold the top edge over to fit the baby.  Then you either pin them shut without skewering the dear baby or attach these hook-like rubber grabber thingies (that was articulate, wasn’t it?).  By now the baby has gained a bahooney the size of Texas, but you aren’t done.  Then you must wrestle these plastic covers over the whole hot mess too.  Baby is now shaped like a pear.  Unfortunately, modern baby clothes don’t have ample diaper areas like in the old days when everyone had a pear-baby.

So, my friends laugh at my bootie babies.  Especially if they’re wearing those snug jammies.  Hilarious.  But, I’m saving the planet and all, so there’s that.


So, these cloth diapers; they are like luxuries for me…all you do….is snap them on.  Wa-laaaa!  Done!  Baby still has a booty, but not a mega-booty.  And they’re lined with soft flannel that keeps the moisture from sitting right next to their skin.  Lovely.  Now I’ve lost you; I’ve indulged my delight in cloth diaper-related minutae; sorry.

Here’s my real point, well, okay, right after this picture here…


That’s one filthy, happy little boy.  So, yes, my whole point, what I was bound to really say:  it’s the simple pleasures.  Like not having to fold and pin and stuff a diaper into plastic-y pants.  Like having your feet in the mud and your mama all delighted about it, no matter how much wash she needs to do afterward.


Eating by candlelight.  Kissing a baby’s smooth cheeks.  An inopportune toot (and all the suppression of giggles and mounting mirth in everyone’s faces).


Playing badminton in your pajamas.  Being smacked in the hind end by your sister while you play badminton in your pajamas.  Did I mention, in the front yard?  It’s the little things.

Can you feel it?  God’s smile?  We know about His glory, His grandeur, His perfection, His justice, His grace, His awesomeness.  So too we should know His smile, His treats, His gifts a-plenty.  The longer I’ve walked with Him, the more I see His delight in giving, in blessing.

I had a bald eagle land four feet from me in Alaska, where I was clam-digging in the wet tidal flats.  Bent over as I was, we were about eye-level.  He was eating the broken clam that I had tossed to the side of me.  I couldn’t breathe.  He was so majestic and so immediate.  Glory.

The gifts are assorted.  But they are all of them messages of love.  Oh to think of it, God, so thoughtful, so kind.  What gifts, small or large, has God sent you today?

2 thoughts on “It Was Bound To Happen

  1. Hahahah! First of all I love that you are now writing on a blog Sarah! Lovely to let the words spill out eh!? 😉 You are a beautiful writer and this one made me laugh because I can relate – and I loved the reminder to always look for the gifts! They are ever present!

  2. tall pink roses peaking over a line of tejas, first ever DD in Cusco, hugs from my CORASON kids, a little hand holding mine, a foggy moon

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