There’s Not Enough of Me


There’s Not Enough of Me

There’s not enough of me,

To be all you need and want,

And that phone call goes unanswered today.


I can’t read a book to you just now, see,

The soup won’t make itself and your belly needs filled

Almost as much as your heart does.


You wanted to Skype for an hour or two,

But just that day my heart was grief-sick and

I didn’t have any water for thirsty you.

I needed to lay right out on the floor

and cry it out,

“Lord, have mercy”.

Dear School,

I didn’t volunteer for that teacher’s baby shower, nor that Easter craft,

I gave when I could but sometimes,

It really was too much and I had to fail you to keep me sane.

For every good gift I give to someone, there are a hundred

Precious souls who received nothing from me that day, that week, that month.

There’s not enough of me, see,

And the expectations bend me right over,

Near to breaking.

There’s enough Jesus though.

Even if you need to cut a hole through someone’s roof to get to Him.

Even if you need to seek Him out, secret-like, in the dark of night so you don’t lose face.

Even if you’re a someone who is a nobody to everyone.

Even if I fail you and fail you, He won’t.

There’s no good in me that didn’t come from Him.

Trace this mucky stream back to the spring, where the water runs pure and

Refreshes your soul.

There’s not enough of me,

You’ll have to forgive that and love past the imperfections and past the limitations and past the expectations.

Sometimes I can help, sometimes I just cannot.

Go higher up and deeper in,

Go to the Spring, the Fount, the Source, the Way, the Truth, the Life

And thirst no more.

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