Black Toothpaste, I Kid You Not

I can’t stop licking my teeth.  They’re so smooth, so clean.  Charcoal toothpaste.  Move aside Crest and Colgate and even Tom’s of Maine.  You’ve never made me so fresh-from-the-dentist clean before.  Why charcoal?

It’s not from our barbecue grill, I assure you, not the same stuff.  It’s activated charcoal which is a handy (and potentially life-saving) thing to have around.  It’s kept in ambulances to deal with poisonings, anaphylactic reactions to allergens, and snake bites.  Think of it as a toxin magnet; it busily goes through your system adhering the bad stuff to itself and sweeping it on out.  Oh, and it’ll take your worms out too, as a side job.  And it whitens the teeth.  Go ahead, order some online, I’ll wait.

I looked at several recipes for the perfect paste on natural living blogs and took some of their ideas and tweaked them a bit.  Here’s my version, which is tasty, slightly sweet, and minty:

Charcoal Toothpaste

1/4 c. baking soda

1 tsp. salt (I like unrefined salts for their minerals and texture)

1 tsp. activated charcoal (you can find this loose or in capsules)

2 generous T. of coconut oil (or enough to make a paste of your preferred consistency)

6 drops of spearmint or peppermint essential oil

packet of pure stevia (optional, though if you have kids or prefer a bit of sweetness, this will be an easier sell…not that pitch black toothpaste is unappealing…ha!)

-Mix the dry ingredients together, then add the rest, rubbing together with the back of a spoon or with a pestle.  Plop it into an old baby food jar and prepare to dazzle your family. Only a pea-sized amount is needed, so just dip the tip of your toothbrush in.  You may want to teach them all to spit into the trashcan if cleaning up black spittle isn’t your cup of tea.

The best part for me?  No more gagging on foam.  Yes, one of my top pregnancy side effects is gagging while brushing because the foam tickles the back of my throat.  Oh, and the slick clean teeth and lingering minty freshness.

I also made deodorant and eyeliner today.  Because I can.  Happy Thursday to you!

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