And Then We Made Soap

soapmaking Just take a moment to absorb the full beauty of our be-goggled faces.  Ha!  My dear friend Andrea Bailey and I began our soap making adventures yesterday on quite possibly the most humid day all summer (thus why we are soaping in the kitchen and not on the porch).  We look happy here, and we were, but mostly we were terrified.  You see, in soap making you need to handle sodium hydroxide, known as lye, which is death itself in powdered form.  The stuff can eat away metal for pete’s sake.  So we were nervous and we had banished all children from the house.

We made eleven pounds of soap that morning.  ELEVEN POUNDS.  (Imagine me bopping about excitedly)  We made a tea tree-goat milk with vitamin E and a honey-oatmeal soap.  We managed not to burn ourselves nor blind ourselves (thank you, handsome goggles!), nor did we explode anything.  We did giggle a lot though, and sigh with contentment as we poured out irresistibly creamy soap into the molds.  We veritably hummed with joy as our dreams worked themselves out into fragrant slabs of beauty.  I think the most common remark that morning was “This is so satisfying.”

And it was and IS, because this morning we cut the soap….

Photo on 9-2-14 at 1.44 PM ..and this is a crappy photo taken by my computer’s camera, BUT LOOK AT ALL THAT GLORIOUS SOAP!!!   And this is just my share of the batches; Andrea has the other half. To the left is the honey-oatmeal, to the right the tea tree-goat milk.  Chuck-full of excellent oils, essential oils, and good-for-the-body stuff.  No synthetic colors nor fragrances, just good soap.

Now we let it cure at least four weeks and it will lighten a bit and become harder.  And I will stare at it in a doting way several times a day.

Our next batch is a citrus shampoo bar and then we are going to be rendering suet to make tallow for a whole bunch of marvelous recipes that we have in mind.  Yes, we’re going all pioneer-women, and it really is ridiculously fun.

So I’m grateful, ever so grateful, for this dream becoming fleshed-out and for these special times with my friend.  And that we didn’t get acid burns.  That too.

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