Why My Home Smells Like An Orange

soapmaking1Why hello there, mad scientist!  Yes, yes, this is the face of undisguised, unmitigated glee that I wear as I stir up a batch of soap with my dear friend Andrea.  Tonight we made 6 lbs. of a lemon-orange-coconut shampoo bar.  The fats were olive oil and coconut oil.  No artificial fragrances, just straight-up lemon and orange essential oils.  Oh, and there’s egg yolks in there too, I kid you not!  And beeswax.  And giggles.

We had talked on the phone this morning, and I let go an idea that we should make soap tonight after all our combined ten children were blissfully asleep.  It was an easy sell, because she’s obsessed too.  That helps.  Or aids and abets.  Whatever.

The point is this:  we’re two mamas of lots of littles and we’re finding niches of time to pursue a dream together.  We do what we can, when we can, with what we have, and it’s a bit glorious.  At least, we think so, in our goggles, gloves, and “lab coats”.  We may give 90% of our energy to our responsibilities throughout the day, but there is a bit of living and laughing and dream-realizing to squeeze out of the 10% left.

Photo on 9-5-14 at 2.28 PM

So as that huge fragrant slab of soap cures in my living room and blesses my home with a clean orange scent, I feel gratitude for this adventure.  It’s creative, scientific, and incredibly practical, and deeply, deeply, FUN.  What have you been putting off for “when you have time”?

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