Bark For Help

*A guest post today by my friend, author Kristen Joy Wilks.

Our elderly Newfoundland got frozen to the driveway last night. I know this seems like an unlikely scenario, but it’s true. Now Shamu (our dog) has trouble getting up on his own, especially when it is icy. We listen for his barking, and go and help him up when he gets stuck. We would like to cuddle him inside with a doggy bed and warm place to sleep, but Shamu loves the cool air and insists on spending a fair amount of his day flopped out on the ice enjoying the cold. Late last night my husband heard him bark. Running down the stairs he saw Shamu laying on the ice in the middle of our driveway. He went over and attempted to boost our doggy to his feet, but he was stuck.

Shamu had fallen asleep and melted the ice where he was laying. When the sun went down and the temperature dropped, that water froze his fur right to the ground.

It took a lot of tugging and chipping but my hubby finally got Shamu up and standing. He helped him take a few hobbling steps but then he wouldn’t go any further. Hubby looked back, lo and behold, Shamu’s tail was also frozen to the ground. A little more pulling and finally he got Shamu inside and toweled off.

Shamu’s plight reminded me of a Bible verse. Hebrews 12:1– “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

Throwing off sin and the stuff that hinders us can be painful. Sometimes what you are throwing off is precious to you, costly to lose, even a part of who you are. Look at poor Shamu, he left five or six patches of fur frozen to our driveway. But it was worth the cost. Our dog was too old to spend the night frozen to his favorite spot. He probably would have died in the night if he had insisted on staying there.

Sometimes I think we are like Shamu, so attached to something that we stay just a little too long and have become frozen in place. Our loving father looks upon our plight, waiting for us to wake up and bark for help. The process will be painful, we might leave some patches of us behind, but we will be better off in the end if we go with our Father. He sees beyond that patch of lovely ice that has become everything to us, to works and wonders that we could never reach without Him. So don’t be afraid to bark for help, our heavenly Father is watching and waiting for all of His children who have become stuck.


-Kristen Joy Wilks

Kristen writes fiction and her works can be found here.

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