Addressing the Elephant

The few days have passed since I wrote, with much fear and trembling, an unfavorable critique on multi-level marketing, specifically addressing how it places an undue, and monetarily-incentivizing, burden on natural social networks, you know, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.  Nothing I’ve ever written has been so broadly shared, nor have I ever received such a volume of private correspondence as a result.  It triggered a lot of response, and I believe I understand why.

I said what the friends, what the family, what the coworkers are too nice to say.  No one wants to be the heel that says, “Hey, this is getting ridiculous.  People are avoiding you and rolling their eyes when your name is mentioned because you’re a real live infomercial half the time.  I get that you’re happy, but you’re making others unhappy.”

Sometimes you’ve just got to mention the elephant.  But only if you care deeply about the other people in the room with you.  And I do.  So should you.

For those I offended, I wish you could see the emails I received; there’s a lot of broken relationships, a lot of rift, tension, and hurt.  For some it’s almost like a death occurred; their friend was never the same after they became a MLM seller, distributor, or whatever designation the MLM gives them.  Many people told me how they’d love to share my article but were too afraid of the backlash they’d get.  Others quietly unfriended on social media, tired of their feed being filled with MLM propaganda, even though they genuinely loved and cherished the ones posting such.

There’s been so much hurt.

Please consider…this isn’t “like any other business.”  Not.  At.  All.

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