I Keep Them


In my heart

If you would look

You’d see a baby who only lived a few minutes after birth

And her brave and hurting mother singing amidst her grief

You’d see

Dear friends in crisis, with no rescue coming

You’d see cold Texans

And worried mothers at the border

And my elderly neighbors with memory loss.

They are there and I keep them.

They are to make free use of my tears;

They have rights to my prayers.

I cannot help, but I keep them

I keep them in my heart.

3 thoughts on “I Keep Them

  1. God bless you, dear child of God!

    So strange…I stumbled into your episode in Everyday Orthodox while driving home from a trip to Lancaster, of all places! Two babies snoozing in their car seats. And you talking to Elissa.

    Your bright and clear and honest voice helped shake the cobwebs off a few things within myself. Glory to God for all things!

    Now as I read this, I’m even more hungry to meet you. Maybe, one day, this Orthodox mom of 3, will stumble your way and there will be tea. And children. And the smell of soap. And talks that fall between everything and nothing. And I’ll meet a friend.

    God bless you.

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