In the Midst of My Days

I was almost hit by a truck tonight.

I took a walk to enjoy the brisk, chilly air and was halfway across a street at a crossing when a truck from a busy street whipped in, not seeing me at all. I was glad of my sturdy shoes as I was able to break into a run just in time. Safely on the curb I turned to look at the driver. She had stopped and was just staring at me in horror. I said nothing; I did not trust my words to be good ones, and walked home, shaky but whole.

Two hours ago I received an icon of Archangel Michael in the mail. I am grateful for the protection of the angels who’ve rescued me numerous times from bears, a kidnapper, a knife-wielding assailant, ships while rowing, and kidney failure, to mention a few.

Let us thank God for our breath, for our bodies which still have time to repent and worship.

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